The Mother Truckers

Andy Pag

One man and his Truck

Andy Pag gives the impression he is an eco-adventurer, but beneath that thin veneer lies an engine-loving petrol-head curious about viable alternative fuels. Obsessed with how things work and moreover how they break, Andy is powered by avoiding soap and water. | +44 792 444 6740


Christina Ammon

Wild Girls

Christina Ammon is a reckless romantic. With her belongings in storage for three years and counting, she plans to settle down “after the next big adventure.” Christina is powered by writing, yerba mate, and Grand Plans.


Hundreds of people have helped us along the way. Although there’s no room for them all in the bus, they too are honorary BioTruckers.

Thanks to Mel, Lucy, Ben and Theo, Wayne and Adam, Frankie, Steve, Mike, Grumpy John, Adrian, James and Tom, The Graffiti Kings, Mike, Alix, The Binz crew, Uncle Gianmaria, Papa, Tomislav and Mirta, Ergun, Nagihan, the Turkish Biodiesel Association, Sammy and Salman, Abass, Mehrdad, Lilly, Roberto, Avi, Avinash, Mr Prateek, the owner of the Sunset restaurant in Pushkar, Tom, TJ, Parshu, MJ, Gurjit and family, The secret Major, Abinash, Tamara and Taran, Kalyan, Ravitej and co, Amitoj and family, Virna, Tom again, John, the guy who drove me on his motorbike across the Ganges to a shop where I could get a wheel bearing, Arnab, Dviyanshu, Nixon, the legendary Jason, Nafi and Yati and 1 thru 5, James and Snow, Neil and Jody, Jimmy, Ann and Uranee, John Block, Todd, Wayne in Texas, Wayne and Paula, Jeanine and Pat, Kevin, Bruce the welder, so many Chris’s, James again, Klaus, Alton, Tim and Linda, Bryce, Jerry and Terry, the First Mates and the Crew of Eagle, Patrick, Benny and Anja, Natalie, Caroline, Gaby and Neill, Adrian, Gonzague, Christophe, Michel and Natalie, and so many others. Keep on Biotrucking.